kez biosolutions – Polyketides from the bioreactor

The Future of Polyketide Research

With our revolutionary KEZ|MAT* platform technology, we insert new chemical functions on the polyketide backbone in exact locations, providing unprecedented solutions.

We are a young company and work on the edge of the unknown. Technological and entrepreneurial challenges are faced with broad knowledge, many years of experience and unbridled creativity. We draw on a strong network to realize our vision: new, innovative and sustainable medicines from the bioreactor.

Our solutions.

Customized Polyketides from the Bioreactor

We offer solutions for your akademic basic research or your industrial research and development. Furthermore, we want to support you in the best possible way – as early as possible. Because time is your most important currency. That’s why we want you to be able to concentrate on the essential things right from the start.

We are currently working on our prototype and creating an erythromycin-based drug library as a proof-of-concept. Subsequently, our initial offering will be a customized start-up package of consulting, KEZ substrates, plasmid systems and strains for specific derivatization of your polyketide of choice. If you are interested in our technology, please contact us so that we can expand our offer according to your needs at an early stage.

Our technology.

Innovative Platform for “New-to-Nature” Active Compounds

We develop new active compounds through bioengineering of polyketides. Our KEZ|MAT* platformtechnology offers unprecedented and flexible possibilities for the chemical modification of polyketide scaffolds. The core is a pair of different KEZ substrates and the enzyme domain MAT*.

We are revolutionizing the lead optimization of small molecule active substances of the polyketide class and hold out the prospect of a wide range of applications. The substances are produced sustainably in the bioreactor and remain comparatively inexpensive thanks to the robust, natural processes.

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