versatile solutions.

Novel Derivatives from the Bioreactor

With our platform technology, we offer a variety of solutions for the development of new polyketide-based drugs. We optimize the physicochemical or pharmacokinetic properties of the natural product or improve the specific drug-target interaction. Furthermore, we are working on “click”-able functional groups for efficient linkage with biomolecules for new payloads in biosimilars. In short, we provide versatile solutions for your research.

Whether for academic research teams or the medical industry, we’re eager to get involved in solving your problem.

for Academia.

Focussing on the Essentials

Your establishment time will be significantly shortened with the help of our offers and we guarantee you results through our reliable method. We provide you with all the necessary components for basic research.

for industry.

Revolutionary “New-to-Nature” Polyketides

We are a young start-up and are currently establishing processes and laboratory. In the future, we will create specific drug derivatives or randomized drug libraries for you based on your specification and look forward to working with you to develop new drugs in joint ventures.

You want to use our solutions for your research already? Contact us early so that we can optimize our establishment processes for your use case.